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Local Rules

The Court's Local Rules, effective since May 12, 2010:

Local Rules

Order Approving Local Rules

Appendix to Local Rules

Appendix - LR 1002 / Number of Copies   (Local Rule 1002 refers you to a document that outlines the number of copies you are required to file. Only an original document is required to be filed.)

Appendix - LR 1009 / Fee Amendments

Appendix - LR 2002 / Provider's Name and Contact Information for Preferred Addresses

Appendix - LR 3015.1 / Chapter 13 Model Plan, Mandatory Use (updated as of January 20, 2011) Word / PDF

Appendix - LR 3015.2 / Notice and Request to Modify Chapter 13 Plan; Mandatory Use

Appendix - LR 4001.2 / Motion Attachment- Payment History

Appendix - LR 5005.1 / Signature Verification - Electronic Counterpart

Appendix - LR 7004 / Adversary Filing Procedures

Presumed Reasonable Fees as of 1 Dec-2011

2017 Proposed Revision of Local Rules

The Local Rules Committee is pleased to report completion of its work with new proposed Local Rules and Chapter 13 plan forms for the Eastern District Bankruptcy Court.   A public hearing will be held August 14, 2017 from 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Judge Kelley's Courtroom (167) at the Courthouse.  Comments and questions also may be directed to  At the conclusion of the public hearing, the Local Rules, as approved at the hearing, will be submitted to the District Court for approval and then to the Seventh Circuit Judicial Conference.  Even prior to Seventh Circuit approval, the Rules may be adopted as interim rules. 

2017 Proposed Local Rules

Model Plan

Pre-confirmation Amended Plan

Post-confirmation Modified Plan

Additional Helpful Links within the Local Rules

Pro Se Debtor Requirements for Filing a List of Creditors (also called a “Creditor Matrix”)

Filing Requirements and Fees

Miscellaneous Fee Schedule