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Multi-Court Voice Case Information System

Multi-Court Voice Case Information System

McVCIS is an acronym for the Multi-Court Voice Case Information System. McVCIS allows anyone with a touch tone telephone the ability to call a court, request information about a particular case, and have a computer read the data directly from the Case Management/ Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF) database to the caller. Dial toll free, 866-222-8029.

When a call is placed to McVCIS, the caller is asked to select a court then a search method. A caller may search for case information by entering a case number, the name of the debtor or party in the bankruptcy case or adversary proceeding, a social security number, or a tax identification number. To enter the information, the caller must press the lettered buttons on the phone which correspond to the search criteria. If valid search clues have been entered, McVCIS will retrieve and read the matching case information to the caller. Inquiries take only a few minutes to complete and the most commonly asked information is provided to the caller.

McVCIS provides the following information for Bankruptcy Cases

Case number     
Debtor names     
Redacted social security number   
Tax identification number   
Date the case was opened or reopened  
Voluntary or involuntary case filing  
Business or consumer    
Attorney name and phone number, if applicable 
Date converted and converted chapter
Trustee name, if applicable
Judge name
Case status
Meeting of creditors date and time, if set
Last day to file a proof of claim
Discharge date if one exists
Date the case was closed
Date the case was reopened
Disposition of the case
Asset status

McVCIS provides the following information for Adversary Proceedings

Proceeding number 
Case type 
Shortened title of the case 
Date filed 
Name and phone number of the attorney for the plaintiff
Judge name 
Case status
Date closed
Reopen date
Previous close date
Disposition of the proceeding