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On November 12, 2008, the Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin implemented, a secure, electronic payment system that allows CM/ECF users to pay for transactions on-line. Using is mandatory for CM/ECF users, as this court will no longer keep an individual's credit card information on hand.

Using is a straightforward task, much like buying a product from an on-line store. You will need your credit card at the end of a transaction or at the end of the day to settle your accounts. Please remember that payment is required for all transactions within a 24 hour period. If you do not make a payment, your access to CM/ECF will be temporarily disabled. 

There are a number of resources to help you in the transition to Please click here to find a Attorney/Trustee Manual. This is a brief, simple PDF document that you are welcome to read if you find making transactions on-line difficult, or if you having a problem paying for a particular transaction.

Please see the following resources:


PAY.GOV Users Manual