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Obtain Copies of Documents

Ways to Obtain a Copy:

1. Visit the Clerk’s office - Documents can be printed from the court’s Case Management/Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF) system from one of several public computers in the clerk’s office lobby.

2. Online – Register for a PACER account ( OR Instructions on how to register for PACER account)


Costs for Copies:

1. The fee for copies of documents printed from one of the court’s public computers is $0.10 per page.

2. The fee for copies made by court staff is $0.50 per page.

3. The fee for copies made using your PACER account is $0.10 per page with a maximum of $2.40 (except for transcripts and recorded audio files)

Payment Options:

1. For Debtors:

a.  Money Order or Cashier’s Check

i.  Please make checks and money orders payable to the “Clerk, U.S. Bankruptcy Court”

b. Cash – cash can only be accepted when visiting the Clerk’s office.  Please do not mail cash to the court.

2. For Non-Debtors:

a.  Personal Check

b.  Credit Card

c.  Options for Debtors

Certified Copies:

1. Any document that needs certification will incur a charge of $11.00 plus a $0.10 fee to print off the document.  Any exemplified copy will have an additional charge of $21.00.

2. If requesting a certified copy through the US Mail the cost to certify is $11.00.  Additional costs of $30.00 to conduct a case search and a $0.50 per page will be added for each case.  To receive an exemplified copy an additional $21.00 will be added.

Archived Documents

Documents from cases filed before 2004 have been stored with the Federal Records Center (FRC).  There are two ways to request copies of documents from archived files:

1. The least expensive option is to order directly from the FRC.  Please be sure to first contact the court at (414) 297-3291 or by email at for specific location information about the files.

a. For $35.00 the FRC will retrieve and copy a preselected group of documents which includes the Voluntary Petition, the Summary of Debts and Property, Schedules D, E, F and the Discharge of Debts. For a certified copy, add an additional $15.00.

b. For $90.00 the FRC will retrieve and copy the full file.

c. Depending on the request, the documents can be faxed to the requester within 1-2 business days or mailed using the US Mail within 3-5 business days.

2. The other option is to have the archived file delivered to the court for viewing.  The cost to order an archived file is $53.00 and $0.50 per page for any copies.  You will be notified by the court when the file arrives.  Please allow 10 business days for the file to be delivered to the court.

a. A written request can be submitted to the court in lieu of viewing the case in person.  There is an additional $30.00 search fee for this option.  All documents requested will be mailed through the US Mail.