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Audio Files

Effective November 1, 2011

A digital audio file is created when electronic sound recording is employed by a judge as the
official method for making a record of hearings and trials. The audio files are available at the Clerk’s
Office for review free of charge. Any party interested in listening to an audio recording at the Clerk’s
Office must complete an Audio Recording Request Form. A deputy clerk will process the request and
provide the equipment necessary to listen to the audio recording. The audio recording and equipment
are not to be removed from the Clerk’s Office.

A party may also purchase a copy of an audio recording. The audio recording will be copied to
an audio CD which contains a single audio track and can be played in any CD player. The fee for
reproducing recordings of proceedings is established by the Bankruptcy Court Miscellaneous Fee
Schedule. The current fee is $31.00. As with other fees, the bankruptcy court cannot accept a personal
check from a debtor. Any party interested in purchasing an audio CD must complete an Audio CD
Request Form. The form is available on the court’s website or at the Clerk’s Office. If you have questions
about audio files, please contact the Clerk’s Office through our website by sending an email inquiry
to or by telephone at (414) 290-2700.