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Proposed Order Event for Electronic Filers

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Effective immediately, orders submitted for a judge's signature will be filed on the docket rather than uploaded through the order upload system. This new process will enable all other electronic filers to receive the proposed order electronically, rather than serving a proposed order via email or other method. (As with any pleading filed on the docket, debtors and conventional filers will not receive an electronic copy of the proposed order under the new system.) Please continue to include a 3-inch margin on the first page of the order and hashtags (####) at the end of the order.

This new docket event must be used to upload an order after a hearing or after an objection period has run and no hearing has been requested. It should also be used for routine orders such as orders approving employment of counsel for the trustee or orders extending the time to file schedules or other documents. The only time the event should not be used is to serve a copy of a proposed order with a motion or application. Please click HERE for detailed instructions on how to use the event.

After filers have had an opportunity to become familiar with the new event, the court will retire the old order upload system except for certain batch orders filed by the Chapter 13 trustees.