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Final Proposed Local Rules

Monday, October 2, 2017

Final proposed local rules and forms are ready for review here:  In addition to the Model Plan forms, the new forms include the Pay Advice Cover Sheet, Certifications for Completion of Chapter 13 and 12 plans, and the updated Presumed Reasonable Fee Description that will be part of the Local Rules Appendix.  The judges hope to transmit the Rules to the District Court as the first step in the approval process around October 16, 2017, with an effective date (as Interim Rules) of November 1, 2017.  The Rules and forms would be effective for all cases filed on or after that date.  We hope that the Local Rules Committee and members of the Bar will review and provide any final comments or concerns before October 13, 2017.  You can provide your comments to Sean McDermott ( (link sends e-mail) or 414-290-2704).