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In re Richard S. Radbil, Case No. 04-25643, Virginia E. George, Trustee v. Argent Mortgage Co., et al., Adv. No. 05-2311 Published: In re Radbil, 364 B.R. 355 (February 2007) -- Judge McGarity

Chapter 7 trustee filed an adversary proceeding to avoid a mortgage lien.  The court denied the trustee's motion for partial summary judgment; issue of fact remained regarding whether or not perfection of secured interest was substantially contemporaneous with execution of mortgage.

In re Matthew J. Blair, Case No. 05-41949, Dustin Elbing v. Debtor, Adv. No. 06-2135 Published: In re Blair, 359 B.R. 233 (January 2007) -- Judge McGarity

Player who was injured during prepetition hockey game when he was punched by the chapter 7 debtor in head, face, and nose brought an adversary proceeding for a determination that potential obligations owed him by the debtor were excepted from the discharge.  The court granted the player's motion for summary judgment.  The debtor's no contest plea to charges of misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct did not have an issue preclusive effect under Wisconsin law. Nevertheless, the state court's findings in a separate personal injury action about the intentional nature of the debtor's conduct, along with the debtor's statements to his insurer established the willful and malicious nature of the debtor's actions.

In re Darrin J. Schultz, Case No. 06-24781 Published: In re Schultz, 363 B.R. 902 (January 2007) -- Judge McGarity

Chapter 13 trustee filed an objection to confirmation of the debtor's plan, arguing it did not comply with the equal payment requirement of sec. 1325(a)(5)((B)(iii)(I).  The plan provided for monthly payments at the rate due under the mortgage with a balloon payment at the end of the 60-month term.  The court overruled the objection because the secured creditor accepted the  plan.

In re Douglas C. Wilke, Case No. 06-26904 (January 2007) -- Judge McGarity

Because hearing was not held within 30 days of petition date, automatic stay was not extended in debtor's second bankruptcy case. (This decision is a court minute decision, only.)

In re Art Unlimited, Case No. 02-23992, Neil McKloskey, Trustee v. Galva Foundry Co., et al., Adversary No. 04-2098 Published: In re Art Unlimited, LLC, 356 B.R. 700 (December 2006) -- Judge McGarity

Chapter 7 trustee brought an adversary proceeding to set aside alleged fraudulent transfers. The debtor's principal was found liable for avoided transfer, but bank that structured the complex prepetition sales transaction was not.

In re John D. Brill & Kimberly M. Quass-Brill, Case No. 06-21600 Published: In re Brill, 350 B.R. 853 (September 2006) -- Judge McGarity

Creditor whose claim was secured by purchase-money security interest in motor vehicle that chapter 13 debtors had acquired for their personal use by debt incurred within 910 days of petition date objected to confirmation of the debtors' plan. The court sustained the objection, finding the Till analysis applied to establish the interest rate on the secured claim at "prime rate plus risk factor" over the life of the plan, even though the original contract provided for 0% interest.

In re Tina Dawn Hilbelink, Case No. 05-30111, Alma P. Leach v. Debtor, Adv. No. 06-2178 (September 2006) -- Judge McGarity

State court judgment deemed nondischargeable pursuant to s. 523(a)(4) due to issue preclusion.

In re Anthony & Jennifer Rodriguez, Case No. 05-34551, Michael F. Dubis, Trustee v. Homecomings Financial Network, et al., Adv. No. 06-2028 (August 2006) -- Judge McGarity

Trustee filed complaint to avoid mortgage as preferential transfer under s. 547(b).  Trustee entitled to judgment; avoided mortgage was preserved for benefit of estate.  Trustee was not entitled to recover the amount of payments received by defendant postpetition.

In re Boden & Lundi Perry, Case No. 05-24027 (August 2006) -- Judge McGarity

Debtor was allowed to exempt his interest in Simplified Money Purchase Keogh Plan under Wis. Stat. s. 815.18(3)(j).

In re Rick E. Larson, Case No. 04-34605, Larry Liebzeit, Trustee v. Universal Mortgage Corporation v. Debtor, Adversary No. 05-2030 Published: In re Larson, 346 B.R. 486 (June 2006) -- Judge McGarity

Chapter 7 trustee brought an adversary proceeding to avoid lender's mortgage lien.  The court granted the lender's motion for summary judgment.  The prepetition mortgage was invalid due to the failure of the debtor's spouse to sign the mortgage.  Nevertheless, the secured creditor was equitably subrogated to the earlier mortgage, and the trustee as a hypothetical bona fide purchaser did not defeat its rights under that mortgage.

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