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State of Wisconsin-Department of Workforce Development v. Davis (In re Davis), 507 B.R. 280

(March 2014) -- Judge Kelley

The Debtor was not personally liable under Wis. Stat. § 108.22(9) for a defunct corporation's liability for unpaid unemployment contributions.

In re Rove, 505 B.R. 502

(October 2013) -- Judge Kelley

Debtor was allowed to exempt interest in Dairy Cooperative equity account under § 522(d)(10)(E) because account was payable on account of age and was similar to a profit-sharing plan.

In re Gerard, 495 B.R. 850

(August 2013) -- Judge Kelley

Although the absolute priority rule continues to apply to individual chapter 11 debtors, debtor does not violate the rule by retaining exempt property.

In re McMahon Family L.P., 495 B.R. 411

(July 2013) -- Judge Kelley

Debtor's tree farm operation probably did not qualify for Chapter 12, and Debtor's plan was not feasible.


In re Noll, 491 B.R. 550

(May 2013) -- Judge Kelley

When Clerk issues notice of second claims bar date in reconverted case, creditor could file claim in reliance on that notice.  

Rinaldi v. HSBC Bank USA, N.A. (In re Rinaldi), 487 B.R. 516

(February 2013) -- Judge Kelley

Court dismissed Debtors' challenges to mortgage note and mortgage that had been transferred to securitized trust  based on Wisconsin law concerning endorsement of negotiable instruments and also denied Debtors' RICO, FDCPA and common law fraud claims.  The Decision discusses the procedure for deciding an adversary proceeding that involves core and non-core claims as well as the Rooker Feldman doctrine. 


Fischer v. Bank of America, N.A. (In re Fischer), 483 B.R. 877

(December 2012) -- Judge Kelley

Based on Rooker-Feldman doctrine and doctrine of claim preclusion, Chapter 13 Debtors' attempt to strip mortgage lien denied when state court previously determined that mortgage was in first position.


In re Washington, 483 B.R. 871

(December 2012) -- Judge Kelley

Court allows late-filed Chapter 13 claim for creditor without notice under three limited conditions.


In re Archdiocese of Milwaukee, 483 B.R. 855

(December 2012) -- Judge Kelley

Court denied creditors' committee's request for derivative standing to bring fraudulent transfer claim against Debtor's parishes. 

In re Archdiocese of Milwaukee, 483 B.R. 693

(December 2012) -- Judge Kelley

Court denied creditors' committee's request to (1) assert alter ego claims against Debtor's parishes; and (2) substantively consolidate the parishes with the Debtor.

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