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In re Tirado, 329 B.R. 244 (August 2005) -- Judge Kelley
Chapter 13 debtor's real estate broker was not required to comply with sections 327 and 330, and could be given an administrative claim under section 503(b).

In re Asherman, No. 04-33391-svk (unpublished). (May 2005) -- Judge Kelley
Debtor's employer held in contempt for failure to comply with payroll order.

In re Nejedlo, 324 B.R. 697 (April 2005) -- Judge Kelley
Evidence is needed to support Objections to Claims, even in the absence of response or appearance by Claimant. Agent is liable for corporate debt, where corporation's existence is not disclosed to Claimant.

In re Grabow, 323 B.R. 236 (April 2005) -- Judge Kelley
Chapter 13 plan that treated real estate tax claim as priority claim, not secured claim, could not be confirmed.

In re Jarosz, 322 B.R. 662 (March 2005) -- Judge Kelley
In default context, invalid mortgage is an avoidable preferential transfer.

In re Olsen, 322 B.R. 400 (March 2005) -- Judge Kelley
In a lien avoidance action under Bankruptcy Code § 522(f), real property which was once contiguous to the homestead dwelling but then severed from it, is not "reasonably necessary" for the Debtors’ use as a home under Wis. Stats. § 990.01(14).

In re Bowles, 318 B.R. 129 (December 2004) -- Judge Kelley
Wisconsin's "theft by contractor" statute does not apply to a project in Illinois, for purposes of a nondischargeability action under Bankruptcy Code § 523(a)(4).

In re Spraggins, 316 B.R. 317 (October 2004) -- Judge Kelley
The replacement value for consumer goods purchased within 90 days of filing the bankruptcy petition is the purchase price of the goods. For automobiles, the purchase price is the presumptive replacement value, unless other evidence is presented.

In re Bungert, 315 B.R. 735 (September 2004) -- Judge Kelley
Proof required for entry of a default judgment in a nondischargeability action under Bankruptcy Code § 523(a)(2)(A) for credit card debt.

In re Gladney, No. 03-31411-svk (unpublished) (August 2004) -- Judge Kelley
Trustee not allowed to unabandon property.

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