The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin will be closed on
Monday, May 30, 2016, in observance of Memorial Day.
Privacy Rule Reminder

Privacy Rule Reminder: To protect the rights of debtors and creditors, Bankruptcy Rule 9037 requires that certain personal data identifiers be modified or redacted from Bankruptcy Court case files. While there are limited exceptions, only the following should appear in filings made with the Bankruptcy Court:

-           only the last four digits of an individual's social security number or taxpayer identification number
-           only the last four digits of a financial account number
-           only the year of an individual's birth
-           only the initials of a minor.

Please note it is the responsibility of the attorney or the party making the filing with the court to redact the personal information. The clerk will not review documents and remove personal information. Special rules apply for transcripts that are filed with the Court. See the Transcripts tab of this website for more information. Consult Bankruptcy Rule 9037 for exemptions from the redaction requirements. If you or another party in a case has filed personal identifiers, you may file a Motion to Restrict Viewing of that document to court staff only. Please contact us with questions about the Privacy Rule.