Announcement Regarding Transfers of Claims

Recently the Bankruptcy Event - Notice of Transfer of Claim under Claims Actions pick list was modified in this district.  The modified event, Notice of Transfer of Claim is to be used for all filing chapters except chapter 11.  For chapter 11 cases, use the event Transfer of Claim (ch 11 as scheduled).

Procedure for Docketing Notice of Transfer of Claim

1.     From the Bankruptcy Events menu, select Claim Actions

2.     Enter the Case Number

3.     Select Notice of Transfer of Claim

4.     Bypass the attorney selection screen, if appropriate

5.     At the Select the Party screen, Select or Add/Create New Party with the name of the transferee

6.     Browse for the PDF image

7.     Select the Transfer Type

8.     Click on Add New Creditor button and add the name and address for the new claimant

9.     Search for the Transferor

10.   Complete the sentence as to whether the Transferor's opportunity to object is Not Waived or Waived.